A veterinary-focused approach, an experienced team who knows your profession, a solution that targets your practice!

The Linkyvet solution meets both clients’ desire for better care and practical tools to facilitate their contact with the clinic, and practitioners’ needs for an expert professional tool that is secure and monetizable.

The Linkyvet startup was founded by three associates, who have been players in the veterinary field for more than fifteen years, working closely with three veterinary doctors.

Our solution was created using extensive knowledge of the veterinary profession, the market and the players, together with experience and technical expertise in video communication, Internet and computing.

Together with canine, rural and equine veterinary practitioners, who provide advice as well as test the solution and its functionality, VisioVéto (the prototype of Linkyvet) was demoed at the Annual AFVAC Congress in November 2017. Building on the success of that launch and the feedback from practitioners, the development of the solution continued, with the release of Linkyvet earlier last year. This comprehensive end-to-end solution which includes Video call and Chat features strengthens the ties with veterinary practitioners, and has become an international application with distribution in North America and Great Britain.

The functionality of the solution was conceived with and for veterinary practitioners, in contrast to classic video call platforms which propose solutions in human medicine and in veterinary medicine in other countries, and which may soon appear on the French market.

Olivier Perroy
Founding Partner / Sales Director

Damien Verdillon
Founding Partner / Marketing Director

Emmanuel Verdillon
Founding Partner / Technical Director

Pierre Mathevet
Veterinary Consultant

Cédric Commère
Veterinary Practitioner

Stéphane Bonaimé
Veterinary Practitioner

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