Linkyvet, the teleconsultation and telemedicine solution
that facilitates the daily life of the care team,
veterinarians and VAs.

Linkyvet reinvents your remote interactions!

  • Centralise all your interactions
  • Get paid for your advice
  • Automate your follow-up care
  • Use targeted communication

Follow-up care, advice, compliance…

Centralisez sur un seul canal vos échanges à distance. Gagnez du temps !

Centralise and simplify information sharing

Do you find yourself solicited by phone, email, SMS ?  Sometimes even contacted by customers via Messenger and WhatsApp ?
Thanks to Linkyvet, save time and control your communication by using a single platform.

Easily share information between members of the care team.

Make the most of your work

By using a “business” solution, combining convenience, security and traceability, you justify the financial value of your follow-up care and advice.

With Linkyvet your customers can pay for their teleconsultation directly from the application.

Valorisez votre temps de suivi et de conseils. Facilitez le règlement à distance de vos prestations
Automatisez vos suivis et facilitez l'observance de vos prescriptions

Automate your monitoring and facilitate compliance with your prescriptions

Would your team like to better monitor the care, treatment and food you prescribe from a distance?
But you don’t have enough time to do this…
With the Linkyvet chat solution and its unique features, you can automate and systematise your monitoring in a few clicks.

Communicate effectively with the Push/News function

With Linkyvet, don’t wait for your customers to come to your Facebook page! Be proactive. In a few clicks, choose a theme or write your news update and send it to a target group of customers.

It’s simple, practical and there is no risk of your message being drowned in an inbox or blocked by spam filters.

Communiquez facilement et rapidement a un groupe de clients cible

Linkyvet, a service to increase
customer satisfaction

Linkyvet for facilitating hospital follow-up

“Since we have systematised the follow-up of hospitalisation with the chat, we save a lot of time. The veterinary assistants are less busy and our customers are delighted.

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