Integrate telemedicine in your veterinary clinic,
we can help you!

Working together for the successful implementation of Linkyvet

  • Training/Coaching
  • Communication tools
  • Support services

We train your veterinarians and VAs,
and we support you!

Linkyvet forme et accompagne votre équipe pour intégrer Linkyvet dans son quotidien

When you subscribe to Linkyvet, we train your team to be operational within a few days!

You will receive a welcome box containing an implementation guide, advice and a surprise!

Then our team will help you define the procedures to start with in your facility, advise you and share feedback from other clinics.

We help you to communicate within
and outside your veterinary clinic!

To communicate with your customers, we offer you turnkey media and services!

In the clinic: flyers, posters, Kakemono, video screen welcome. On your social networks: Facebook banner and posts, motion design.
Emailing and SMS customer campaigns.

With this approach, your customers are quickly informed, sign up and become your best ambassadors.

Communiquez facilement et rapidement a un groupe de clients cible

We are listening to you to improve
and make Linkyvet evolve!

Nous sommes à votre écoute !

Our support team is there to respond to your requests and, together with you, to help Linkyvet evolve for ever greater satisfaction.

Let’s get started!

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