Linkyvet, for intuitive and practical veterinary telemedicine
with your clinic!

My clinic in my pocket

One application for the health and well-being of my pet!

All my clinic’s services on my smartphone

My veterinary clinic, accessible whenever and wherever I need it.
Contact the clinic, call it in an emergency, make an appointment online, order a product, access its social networks…
In a few clicks, my daily life as a pet owner is simplified.

Unique and secure chat

With the chat opened by your vet, you can :

Share important information about your pet directly with the veterinarian and his team.
Once at home, you will be advised and accompanied by the team at your clinic, for the health and well-being of your pet!

Veterinary teleconsultation

Thanks to Linkyvet teleconsultation

Your veterinarian can advise, evaluate, diagnose and prescribe.

When you can’t come to the clinic, if your pet needs to limit travel, when you need to assess the degree of an emergency, show your pet in its home environment… Teleconsultation is the solution.

Push news that concerns you

With its news, the clinic informs you

Useful topics, which concern the health and well-being of your pet! Important information related to the life of the clinic and its services.

Download Linkyvet

  • Download the application from your store
  • Create your account
  • Add your pet
  • Add your veterinary clinic (secure code*)
  • Access all your clinic’s services

*Ask your vet for the Linkyvet code

Download Linkyvet