at the heart of your practice

Make the most of your remote consultation and monitoring time
Facilitate continuity of care and build customer loyalty
Organize and manage new ways of interacting with your customers

Follow-up, continuity of care, advice, compliance

Follow-up care

Carry out remote follow-up care (including post-operation, dermatological care, and compliance) of your customers when they are unable to travel or during their vacation

Emergency treatment

Evaluate the degree of urgency for better control and to pass on first aid instructions to your customers.


Consult remotely with your specialist colleague to get help with your diagnosis in real-time.


Refine your assessment by observing the animal in situ, e.g. for behavioural disorders, or for pain management.


Keep your client Informed during the hospitalization of their animal. This will reassure them and you save time!

The digital solution for quality veterinary care.

A solution that meets your needs, whatever your practice’s specific activities.

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