Keep in touch with
your veterinarian

With Linkyvet, experience veterinary teleconsultation

  • Simple and direct access for advice and/or follow-up care whatever your situation: staggered working hours, inability to travel, holidays…
  • Quick and intuitive handling for a first medical opinion
  • Time savings due to remote follow-up care

How does it work?

  • I download the Linkyvet application from my smartphone store.

  • I ask my vet to activate my account.
    I receive a text message with a User ID and a password to activate the Linkyvet application.

  • My vet can then plan a video-consultation or open a chat.

Chat function

When your vet opens a chat, you can:

  • communicate directly with your clinic
  • send photos, videos and text

Your vet can also send you information and can ensure remote follow-up care.

Video function

At any time, your vet can :

  • schedule a video appointment to give you advice
  • evaluate a degree of urgency
  • perform follow-up care

During the video-consultation, your vet can use a pointer to guide you to the exact problem area on your animal. He can also take pictures during the video-consultation to refine his diagnosis and give you the right advice to follow. Your vet can also use the video-consultation to take pictures to fine-tune his diagnosis in order to give you the most accurate advice to follow.

Teleconsultation managed
by your veterinarian

100% confidential
and secure

Wherever you are

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