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Our expertise is the result of knowledge of the veterinary profession, the market and its players, combined with experience and expertise in video, web and IT.

Pro vet

Linkyvet is accompanied by practising canine, rural and equine vets, both generalists and specialists, who advise and test the solution and its uses.  These veterinarians presented VisioVéto (the Linkyvet prototype) at the Afvac annual congress in November 2017.


Based on the success of the project and the feedback from professionals, the development of the solution is continuing and Linkyvet was launched in the first half of 2018.

At the heart of customer relations

More than a telemedicine solution, Linkyvet is the reference application connecting the clinic and its clients

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An experienced, multi-skilled team
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Damien Verdillon

Emmanuel Verdillon

Olivier Perroy

Cindy Faure

Julie Monier

Mélodie Huet

Ewan Guilleret

Valentin Saugnier

Guillaume Broder

Rubens Nunzi

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